About Jason

Jason Sturgeon is the very definition of today’s Renaissance Man. His story doesn’t start anywhere near the typical “I moved to Nashville with a guitar and a dream” cliché because like the man, his story is more complicated and worthy of telling. An all American boy who grew up in the heartland, his family of Coal Miners, Oil Men, and Farmers lived off the land in Indiana’s natural resources rich coal country. Working hard for a living was the norm and doing it yourself was the only option. Sturgeon grew up working. The scars on his hands are the proof of years of work and determination, and his songs are his life stories, written honestly from his blue-collar point of view. He started performing at an early age, singing Kenny Rogers songs for quarters paid to him from his family to encourage the youngster to sing more. Jason has always had the burning dreams of being a singer on the big stage. From the ages of 14-19, he farmed and worked as a Roustabout for a small oil company. His days in the oil patch taught him a great deal about his own drive and work ethic and set the tone for his years after. His father made him learn a trade instead of running off to Nashville at 19, explaining that “once you’ve got a degree, you can do anything you want”…and he did.


Angel Eyes (Official Music Video)

Time Bomb (Official Music Video)

Rollin’ On (Official Music Video)

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