Catch Jason Live! May 14, 2015 - See him in Bedford, IN. More info here.


Happy Saturday to ya! Check it out and like the new page, BackRoad Beef Jerky! ...

We have assembled a small army of BackRoad Beef Jerky displays on the lookout in SE Kentucky, Virginia, East to Middle TN, and North Alabama...get a taste of the best beef jerky round, fo sho!

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I'm making an effort to keep politics out of my posts but this too funny not to share. Both sides should get a chuckle. ...

Right when we needed a good laugh, this popped up. Ben Carson's stuff is especially funny. Enjoy!

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Why is it when I have big weeks with tons of things happening, I get so sick I can't get out of bed for 2-3 days? ..hurtin. #somuchformycastironstomach ...

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Angel Eyes (Official Music Video)

Time Bomb (Official Music Video)

Rollin’ On (Official Music Video)