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Do you know what is powering the wind that blows MY's called FREEDOM!! Wake up and getcha some! ...

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It's super late and no one will see this but.. I'm going to make this 3 posts in one..
1: Thanks to every member of service who gave us this opportunity to fish, (among many many other things) and be happy, and thankful for another day of FREEDOM!!..without your sacrifice and commitment the rest of us wouldn't have these moments to post such grateful things..Thank you!
2: My Grandparents..Thank You for having these same moments with me and my brother, and our family..we have never forgotten your love and come from the greatest generation and we hope to continue your standards and characteristics of a life full of hard work, love for that hard days work..the offerings that each day brings, and a love for the lord..same as you.. 3: FREEDOM!!!! Never forget what the generations before us sacrificed to make it like this and get us here, but more importantly how easy it is to lose it. I AM A THANKFUL AMERICAN!

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Saw this post and then saw red.. What I'd like to see is these dirtbags caught and beaten to a pulp. ...

DEVELOPING --- >>> Reward of $1,250 for information leading to arrest of person who drove through memorial of crosses in Henderson early this morning. (Picture from 14 News Facebook fan) UPDATE >>

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